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Cleaning sports and entertainment facilities requires particular attention to detail, significant financial and personnel resources, specific knowledge of the industry and its needs. Our management experience, well-trained employees and active participation between our staff and your operations personnel create a pride of ownership in your event/venue.  Our job is not just to clean your event but also to become a partner ensuring the success of your events as well as your organization.

We are the only company with the nationwide resources, ability and proven success to commit to such an event. Our reputation and ability to deliver is unproven by any other company in the industry. We won’t let you down!

Venue Smart commits to environmental sustainability by practicing “green” methods and maximizing the waste diversion effort at all events we manage. Everything from utilizing eco-friendly cleaners, supplies, and equipment to composting efforts contribute to making our events the most environmentally sustainable possible.

In addition, we have developed a much more focused approach to waste removal including the management of the hauling company to ensure all potential savings are met and by implementing extensive recycling and/or composting programs that not only help make any event more “green,” but also have the ability to tremendously cut costs on your hauling bill.

By thoroughly understanding your waste stream and diversion, we can help ANY event on hauling costs and improve their sustainability portfolio at the same time.

We would be happy to attend any meetings in person prior to the event with waste haulers, caterers, vendors, etc. to ensure proper placement of dumpsters and participation in programs to increase not only sustainability efforts, but to help contribute to the overall success of the event.